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Meet Candace

Before designing and making jewelry, I was like many of you buying jewelry from large box stores. A lot of the jewelry I owned was poorly made using cheap metals that chipped, tarnished, or broke. It never defined my personal style because every other woman was wearing the same jewelry.

Eventually, many of those pieces either wound up in the trash can or in the very back of my jewelry box.   

I was a professional and had to look the part. I remember some sage advice from my boss soon after getting my first professional job. The advice was to ‘dress for the position you want not for the one you currently have’. Years later, that advice and my tenacity to succeed allowed me to move to higher-level positions. I truly believed that giving off the wrong impression was not an option.  However..

I was lost in the crowd. Blending in and not standing out! 

When I became comfortable in my own skin, I realized I could still have a polished look while expressing my personal style by the jewelry I wore.  I  broke the mold and I was definitely no longer a carbon copy!

Flash forward a few years; I was looking for a hobby and stumbled on a jewelry kit at Michaels. It was a kit making simple jewelry. 

Light Bulb on Messenger 1.0I could make one-of-kind jewelry that no one else owned. The light bulb went off.

I took classes in metalsmithing and found my passion.  I love the science of metals and can’t resist the sparkle and fire of colored gemstones.  This passion led me to start my line of contemporary, minimalist jewelry influenced by architecture, science, and modern art. 

I figured there were other women who wanted jewelry that expressed outwardly what they already know -  that they are confident, strong and unique.

I created Candace Stribling Jewelry to design jewelry that answered the needs of these women seeking unique, one-of-a-kind jewelry that they would not see on everyone.  

My mission is to create jewelry for women, like you, who want to be their own person and express their style through jewelry that is theirs and theirs alone.