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July 10, 2020 3 min read

Since January, I took a hiatus so I could rethink my business and come up with ways I can better serve you, my customers, now and in the future.  This process has been eye-opening. I’ve learned there are a lot of things I’ve done well but there is room to change and grow.   

This time has allowed me to reconnect with my creative side and design new pieces that I'm excited about and return to my roots of designing one of a kind jewelry that reflects my love of science, engineering, architecture and modern art.  I am also planning and working on a new and more inviting look for my website. I will share as I get farther along in the website redesign. 

 At Candace Stribling Jewelry, I aim to:

  • provide exciting one-of-a-kind jewelry- never mass-produced.
  • use high quality recycled sterling silver metal and ethically sourced colored gemstones sourced from reputable suppliers.
  • provide tips on how to care for your sterling silver jewelry (sign up for my email to find out more)
  • take you into my world of jewelry design so you know where your jewelry is coming from - an artist you can know and trust.

Above all, to provide an easy online shopping experience for you, my valued customers.

Online shopping might become the new normal. I want you to feel that shopping on my website gives you the same feeling as shopping in-person. I’m here to guide you in selecting the right jewelry that speaks to you, fits your personality and lifestyle.  


 Over the last few months, I have been working with three very creative women who helped me rebrand.  One is a fellow jewelry designer who also is an extremely talented graphics designer, the other is an expert in telling your story from the customer’s perspective, and lastly, is a woman web designer who helped me tweak my new website.  All of these experts helped me align the focus on you rather than me.  Really, it is all about you, not me. 

Graphics Design

My graphics designer helped me with the overall look of my brand.   Using her knowledge of color theory and design, she helped me to select the brand colors, fonts, and overall look of my new brand.   I love my new colors –  blue with purple undertones and dusty green.  My new fonts are Cormorant Garamond and Muli.  I use the Cormant Garamond for headings and the Muli for body text. I’ve carried this new look into all of my communication vehicles such as emails, website, newsletters, and social media posts.  I’ve even used the colors in the selection of colored gemstones to design a signature collection.


Story Brand

I worked with two talented marketing/copywriting experts to help me redefine my ideal client, and put the focus on her. The story brand expert really helped me see and frame my brand where my clients are the heroines in their story and I am the guide that helps them achieve success, more confidence, and pride by wearing my one-of-a-kind jewelry.  We created a brand script that you will see on the homepage of my new website and in all my communications. 




Lastly, I’ve been updating my website.  I upgraded my theme then spent days laying out the main pages (home, about, product) incorporating my branded look (colors, fonts) and sprinkling in brand story.   I engaged a web designer to tweak pages, help with navigation to make it easier for shoppers to get to where they want to go without feeling confused.   The website is now cleaner, less confusing, speaks to my customers, and has nice photos of the jewelry that highlights them better.


I am excited that this behind the scenes work is completed and my new website will debut on July 15th .  To see sneak peaks of my new website, head over to my Instagram page (@candacestriblingjewelry).   To celebrate, I’m doing a giveaway of a pair of my signature Mobius sterling silver earrings.  

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