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April 05, 2019 2 min read

Have you ever snagged something that gets you so excited that you can't wait for it to arrive?

I did!

Last April, I snagged tickets to the hottest musical in the world.

I got tickets to see Hamilton on opening night in Washington, DC.!!!!!

As you know, Hamilton is the hottest show and a Tony award winner for best musical.  If you are lucky to get them, you must get a second mortgage to afford it.

The show is now on the road and started in Washington, DC last June at the Kennedy Center.  The Kennedy Center first offered tickets to sell totheir members. They then offered limited tickets to the general public. They opened the sales for one day, starting at 8 AM. You had to sign in then hope to get a slot to enter their virtual waiting room. Those with high numbers would not have a chance for tickets.

How did I get tickets when so many people lost out?

Shh, I am about to divulge my strategy. I applied my experience in information technology to get tickets. A couple of hours before8AM, I opened several browsers and went to the Kennedy Center website. I kept monitoring them once the clock struck 8 AM. I was number 4,000 in one browser, 20,000 in another, 45,000 in yet another. Once I got the signal in the one where I had a low number, I entered the virtual box office. I got so excited because I knew I had a great chance to get tickets.  Once in the box office, I had ten minutes to buy my tickets.

A few weeks later, I received my tickets in the mail and it was like opening the best present at Christmas. I knew what I was going to wear that evening and designed the perfect jewelry to go with it.

Are you wondering how getting Hamilton tickets relates to purchasing jewelry? 

Stick with me, I am about to bring it home.   

How do you feel when you buy that ''must-have, gotta have it now” new necklace, pair of earrings or cool bracelet? A piece of jewelry that you have been dreaming about and imagining yourself wearing.  Getting high fives from your friends.  

Well, like snagging tickets to Hamilton!

Excitement builds, and you cannot wait until your package arrives. In anticipation, you open the shipping box and then pull out the signature grey gift box with the signature logo.

You open the box and nestled inside is your new eye-catching necklace, earrings or bracelet. Your heart leaps for joy! You have already picked out the right outfit and occasion to show it off. You cannot wait to get those oohs and ahhs from your family and friends. 

So, you see snagging that must-have jewelry is much like snagging Hamilton tickets.  Priceless!

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