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September 12, 2021 3 min read

It's September, and Fall is fast approaching.  Soon it will be cooler and we'll start to put on sweaters and jackets.   We'll also move from the bright colors of summer to the richer hues of fall.   

As you change the color palette of your clothes, do you also switch up your jewelry color palette?   Have you thought of Bloodstone?   

Bloodstone promotes abundance, good fortune, and effortless energy flow. Oh, and if those are reasons aren’t enough, keep reading to learn why you need some Bloodstone in your life: 

🍂 Bloodstone is for Everyone!

A form of Chalcedony, Bloodstone is typically a dark-green stone with red flecks or veins of iron oxide. Also known as Heliotrope, which means “to turn the sun” because centuries ago, people believed that the sun would turn red if you put this stone in water. Even though Bloodstone is one of the birthstones for March babies, everyone can benefit from its healing powers. 

🍂 Bloodstone is a Powerful Healing Stone. 

When we learn of a stone that has powerful healing properties, we’re all in! Bloodstone purifies and cleanses the blood, making it the ideal stone to detoxify internal organs, fortify those red blood cells and help with anemia. Bloodstone can aid in healing inflammation and some blood-related cancers and also strengthen the immune system. Who couldn’t benefit from a little extra protection?  

🍂Bloodstone Improves Creativity.

Bloodstone heightens intuition and stimulates your imagination, both powerful tools to improve your creative abilities. Bloodstone is also grounding, and it draws off negative energy, which helps to promote positive emotions and put you in an ideal state to write or create. 

🍂Bloodstone Gives you Courage.

Bloodstone enhances decision-making and encourages clear thinking so you can courageously confront challenges and potentially dangerous situations. By also revitalizing your mind, Bloodstone helps you to avoid hazardous conditions. Bloodstone assists in keeping you present, so you’re ready to react swiftly when necessary.

🍂 Bloodstone Brings you Luck and Positive Energy.

Over the years, many actors and performers carried or wore Bloodstone as a good luck charm. Athletes wanting to improve their strength or mental clarity, artists wishing to increase their creativity, and anyone hoping to boost their daily energy should treat themselves to a piece of Bloodstone. 

How to Use Bloodstone:

  • Wear it! Of course, this is our favorite way. Choose a Bloodstone necklace or sexy pair of Bloodstone earrings. Either way, we got you covered!
  • Put Bloodstone in a bowl with water next to your bed to encourage deep and restful sleep. 
  • Carry it in your pocket, backpack, or purse to increase your physical energy and positive outlook on life. 

Need more convincing? Bloodstone is not only beautiful and distinctive but there are so many more reasons to love this magical stone. Powerful and unique, why go another day without some Bloodstone in your life? 

Explore the Bloodstone Collection [this can be a link to the collection] 


 Inspiration for the Bloodstone Collection 

This Mark Rothko painting inspired the Bloodstone Collection. 

Green & Red painting - Mark Rothko

I’ve been obsessed with Mark Rothko’s art since the first time I saw his pieces in a book.⁠ I was immediately mesmerized. I’ve had many opportunities to see Rothko’s paintings in person, and I’m always moved by them, especially after reading about his life. ⁠
What I love most is Rothko’s use of color to tell a story. I refer to his works often when I’m designing a new collection to get color inspiration. ⁠ His art allows you to interpret what you see in the way that suits you, much like my jewelry designs.
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