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Leinani Dangle Earrings

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Confident and unafraid, your friends and colleagues look to you for steady leadership. And you’re up to the challenge! 

The Leinani Sterling Silver and Black Lava Earrings are set with lab-created Rubies and paired with natural Black Lava stones.  

Get all the gorgeous sparkle of a natural ruby at an affordable price. That makes you not just a natural-born leader but a smart and savvy fashionista too! 

Long, elegant, and sexy, these beauties will caress your neckline and make you feel fantastic.  

Made to order.  Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery. 

  • Gemstones: 5MM Lab-created Ruby, 30x22MM Black Lava oval beads

  • Earring Length: 2.5 inches

  • Delivery: 2-3 weeks 

About the Gemstones

Lab-created rubies, from a chemical standpoint, are no different from natural ones and are considered real rubies.  Like the natural ruby, they too are made from Corundum or aluminum oxide. The growth process is monitored, and therefore, the stone can be created with all the desired attributes. of a natural ruby but faster and more affordable for the purchaser.  

Black Lava Beads are natural and waxed to smooth out the rough edges. 


Each Candace Stribling design is shipped with a small square anti-tarnish square and small polishing pad. Store all pieces in a cool dry place, away from direct sunlight with your anti-tarnish square. Be sure to keep jewelry separated to avoid scratching.

Sterling silver tarnishes naturally. To clean, use mild soapy water and a toothbrush, dry with a soft cloth. When in doubt, take your collection to your local trusted jeweler to be professionally cleaned. ​


If for some reason a return or exchange is necessary, you have 7 days from the day you receive your package. Visit my returnspage for more information.

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