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A Note from Candace

I've always enjoyed working with my hands. Growing up, I'd help my father around the house with small repair projects. The son of a World War I widow who used her death benefits to purchase a house for her family, and another to rent out which secured her financial freedom.  She was a business owner at a time when women were not expected to work outside of the home. My father always encouraged me to be a self-sufficient woman; he saw the same spark in me that he saw in my grandma. 

I first discovered jewelry while in the process of searching for a new hobby, but I soon fell in love with the process of creating unique pieces that I wouldn't be able to find in any store. In 2016, I began studying the craft of metalsmithing and knew I had finally found my passion. I was able to happily merge my love for the science of metals with my attraction to the sparkle and fire of colored gemstones. 

I also had the hunch that other women must be seeking jewelry that would help them outwardly express what they already know about themselves: their confidence, strength, and individuality. For years, I suffered with feelings of inadequacy, low self-esteem, and the sense that I was not fulfilling my purpose. Today, I'm actively working to nurture my self worth, and jewelry serves as my talisman, reminding me of all the ways I care for myself. 

Going through this experience has made me realize that other women may seem extremely successful but be struggling internally with imposter syndrome. I strive to make jewelry that allows each woman to express her authentic self in a way that's completely unique to her. I understand how it feels to be viewed as part of the crowd, and not as an individual, so I strive to create artful jewelry that will move you emotionally, connect you to your creative soul, and help you step into your personal style. I want all women to feel beautiful, smart, and strong.
Founder & Designer
GIA Jewelry Accredited Professional

Awards and Accolades 

Candace Stribling Jewelry has been featured in “Niche Magazine Spring/Summer-Jewelry Now!” (2015), the prestigious 1000 Beads Showcase book (2014, Lark Publishing, North Carolina), and The Frederick News Post (2014). In addition, her jewelry has been nominated for the Martha Stewart American Made competition (2014), and Candace's Mobius Statement Necklace was selected for judging at the Boardwalk Art Show, Virginia Beach, VA (2019).


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The Women's Jewelry Association (WJA)