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April 25, 2021 2 min read

In her eyes, you’re everything. She’s the one who’s always there for you, good and bad, thick and thin. She’s a role model, teacher, mentor, friend. She’ll tell it to you straight but loves you anyway if you ignore her advice. She’s your mom, grandma, aunt, or big sister, and you always want her to know what she means to you. 

In a world of blended families of every shape and size, Mother’s Day is not just about your biological mom. Mothers, grandmothers, and stepmothers (even fur moms) show up every day in extraordinary and ordinary ways. She’s your BFF when you want to have fun, and your reality check when life gets rocky. The two of you are inseparable, connected for life.

Even when you’re far apart, separated by miles or oceans, she’s there for you. When the road gets bumpy, or you’re celebrating a significant accomplishment, she’s right there beside you. There’s no one like her in this world, and you want her to know how you feel.  

On May 9, we’ll celebrate every type of mother figure (even fur moms).  And while she’ll probably say, “oh, I don’t need any gifts,” you’re already planning to celebrate and honor her with something that’s as special and unique as she is. 

Show her how much you love her by giving her a gift that lasts a lifetime.  



About My Signature Mobius Collection 

The Mobius strip motif, utilized in various ways in each piece, is a continuous loop made from sterling silver (some designs have 14K yellow gold rings intertwined with sterling silver). It symbolizes balance, unity, and eternity from mother to child to grandchild.  Perfect for Mother’s Day gifting! 

Shop the Mother’s Day Gift Guide  for the perfect piece of jewelry! Touch her heart, make her day, and show her how much you love her.  

Mothers Day Gift Guide

All orders Mother’s Day orders over $100 will include an extra little gift: a beautifully scented candle, perfect for wrapping her in a luxurious blend of warmth and love. 


scented candle with fresh flowers or fruit


Use code MomsGift to redeem your complimentary gift!   Enter 'MomsGift' in the coupon code when checking out.   Supplies are limited.  Don't miss out.  These candles smell wonderful. 




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