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June 06, 2021 2 min read

You’ve been there. We all have. 

You peer inside your closet and think, “I have nothing to wear,” despite the piled-high sweaters, shoes, and the clothing rod sagging from the weight of your wardrobe. 

Your closet is full, but nothing excites you. It’s time to bust out of that style rut without buying a whole new wardrobe! 

Have you ever looked longingly at a fashion magazine, at those models that seem to be able to turn the basics into a fantastic outfit? The key to versatile styling is having a few distinctive, signature accessories, and jewelry is a great way to add some flair to the clothes you already own.

Using my Morgan Geometric Statement Necklaceas an example, here are 5-ways to style one necklace and break out of that rut:  

1.  Pair it with a suit! If you need to go conservative, wear it with a smartly tailored  grey blazer, simple top and a pair of simple stud earrings for a meeting or presentation. Let the necklace be the star of the show, your clothes as the backdrop. By pairing simple earrings, you’ll still come across as conservative but classy.

Gray blazer with black skirt, sterling silver geometric necklace and stud earrings by Candace Stribling Jewelry2.  Layer it up! Looking for a fun way to dress up a long sweater or flowy blouse? This is easy with just 3-pieces! Start with my Morgan Geometric Statement Necklace, that falls at the base of your neck. Next, layer my Triana Long Triangle Necklace  (available with a 24-inch chain) and last, add a longer chain with a tassel or beaded detail. The varying lengths are visually interesting, fun and on-trend.

layering two necklaces -geometric necklace & triangle necklace

3. Go for the choker style. The beauty of this necklace is that you can change the length from medium to short just by changing where you hook the clasp. Choker-style necklaces look great with casual t-shirts and also your little black dress with a scooped or v-neckline.

4. Show your weekend-style some love too! Grab your favorite pair of sterling silver hoop earringsto match with the necklace. Throw on your favorite jeans, sandals, and a jean jacket, and you’ve got a fun, modern, fresh new look

morgan sterling silver geometric necklace, blue jeans, sneakers, kelsee hoop earrings

5.  Get Creative! There are no rules.

  • Do you have a removable charm? Try adding it to the necklace.
  • Want an asymmetrical look? Rotate the necklace so the thin section is on the side instead of the back.
  • Mixed metal is trendy right now, so try layering with a 14k gold chain.  Mix it up! 

Have fun and play! Try different looks and keep the ones you love and ignore the rest. Breaking out of that style rut by starting with one piece of fabulous jewelry is just the beginning. The possibilities are endless, so keep going! 

Need a little help, some style suggestion, or another opinion? I’m here for you! Contact me to schedule a free 30 minute styling consultation. Click here to go to my calendar to book your session. 



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